PAX East 2011 'Boston Indie Showcase' Now Taking Submissions

If you're a Boston-area indie developer who craves the attention only a high-profile video game convention can bring, Penny Arcade has you covered.

As a way to bring some love back to the city of Boston, Penny Arcade will feature select Boston-only indie devs during PAX East 2011. Registration is now open for PAX East 2011's Boston Indie Showcase (BIS).

Those selected will have the opportunity to demo their title to the masses at their very own kiosk during the 2011 event, and have their title mentioned on Penny Arcade and the PAX East site as a member of the elite BIS.

There are a few stipulations, however. Check past the break to see if your title is eligible.

  • You are an independent developer without a traditional publisher-developer relationship in place.
  • You must reside in the greater Boston metropolitan area.
  • You cannot be funded by an outside party.
  • All games must be in at least beta form.
  • All games must be electronic in nature.
  • No mods or levels are allowed
    • What does this mean? It means you can't require the installation of other software to run your game. The only exception to this is if you submit a game that uses a 3rd party game engine (like Torque for instance) and you have all the rights to use the engine. In that same vein, middleware can be used for development, but the external software used has to be disclosed with the appropriate copyright and credits assigned.