Def Jam Rapstar DLC Adds Kanye, Sugar Hill Gang

BOOM widget 140958 4mm Games has added a slew of new tracks and instrumentals to both versions--Xbox 360 and PS3--of its music title, Def Jam Rapstar.

Featuring Kayne West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight"--also known as the track we all inexplicably know the lyrics to at birth--there's something here for everyone. Well, with this many tracks in one single update, we would hope that everyone will find something to their liking. That is, if you're enjoying the game as much as we did.

The 27 new tracks and 4 instrumentals are available on the Xbox 360 now for 160MS Points each and will "soon" make their way to the PlayStation Network for $1.99 a pop.

    New Tracks
  • Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
  • Chamillionaire - Ridin' Dirty
  • Clipse - Grindin'
  • DJ Khaled featuring T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil' Wayne, Birdman, Fat Joe & Rick Ross - I'm So Hood (Remix)
  • DMX -- Party Up
  • Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job
  • Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full
  • Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo - You Make Me Better
  • Flo Rida - Low
  • Geto Boyz - Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me
  • Gucci Mane - Wasted
  • Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
  • Lil' Wayne - Got Money
  • LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl
  • Luniz - I Got 5 On It
  • Maino featuring T-Pain-- All The Above
  • Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot
  • New Boyz - You're A Jerk
  • Puff Daddy - Bad Boy For Life
  • Rich Boy - Throw Some D's
  • Shawty Lo - Dey Know
  • Soulja Boy - Crank That
  • The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
  • The Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight
  • Timbaland featuring Drake - Say Something
  • Warren G. - Regulate
  • Young Dro - Shoulder Lean
  • Bangladesh - Tango & Cash
  • Cool & Dre - Lavish
  • Danja - Wyld Money
  • Nitti - Playmaker