Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Patched on PS3, Addresses 'Save Issues'

If you have been one of the PS3 users who has experienced issues with your Castlevania: Lords of Shadow save data--namely that it appears to have been corrupted like the dead, black heart of Dracula--you'll be happy to know a patch to fix those specific issues is now available.

The original issue would find players in a grim situation, where Castlevania: Lords of Shadow would recognize save files as corrupt, force players to restart and overwrite their original files. Konami acknowledged the issue on October 13, and promised a fix was on the way.


Also added in the PS3 patch are some cosmetic changes. In the interest of readability, Konami has added scrolling text to loading screens.

An Xbox 360 patch is also in the works; however, it is unclear what issues that release will target as the corrupt save files appears to have been PS3-exclusive. See, exclusives do exist.