Dragon Age 2 Gets Content Delivery System Similar to Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network

BOOM widget 139191 Dragon Age II will be getting a content delivery system similar to Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, which will bestow bonus content upon customers that purchase new copies of the game.

"We haven't announced what's in it, but it'll definitely be something kind of in that Cerberus vein where there will be additional content," executive producer Mark Darrah told Joystiq.

Additionally, pre-order customers will get a free upgrade to the game's "Signature Edition", which will include an estimated $20 worth of additional digital content.

As for future paid DLC, Darrah tells Joystiq that the development team will be "making it larger; so it'll be bigger teams, more unique environments, more unique creatures -- so that it gets the attention it deserves to get," addressing criticism of the scope of the first title's DLC.

Dragon Age II is due out in March for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It will be quite different compared to the first game.