Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition Hits GOG

The all-inclusive Diamond Edition of BioWare's classic RPG Neverwinter Nights arrived today on vintage video game digital distributor Good Old Games, priced at $9.99.


The bargain bundle packs Neverwinter Nights in with its three official expansion packs, 'Shadows of Undrentide,' 'Hordes of the Underdark' and 'Kingmaker.' In typical GOG fashion, it comes DRM-free and with downloadable extras including the soundtrack.

A new, co-op-oriented RPG dubbed simply Neverwinter will return to the eponymous D&D city in the fourth quarter of 2011, publisher Atari announced in August. However, it's being made by Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios and not strictly connected to BioWare's beyond being an adaptation of the same property. The storyline is being based upon a new Neverwinter novel trilogy from fantasy writer R. A. Salvatore.