Co-op Space Sim 'Artemis' Recreates Star Trek Bridge Experience

BOOM widget 142363 A co-operative video game where players each control a single station on the bridge of a starship is surely the dream of many a Star Trek fan. While indie developer Thom Robertson's newly-released Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator might not have the license, for now it's perhaps the closest you'll get to living out fantasies of boldly going.

Artemis is designed to be played in the same room across networked computers, with one serving as the main screen and the others being terminals for functions like Helm, Communication, Engineering and Weapon Control. Naturally, there's a captain whose job is to sit in the middle and command, doubtless also quoting their favourite Star Trek captain. Your motley crew will, distributor Mitorah Games explains, "warp around the sector, protecting space stations from a multitude of alien ships." Make it so.

You can download a 6MB demo from FileShack. The full PC game will cost you $60 but comes with a full money-back guarantee. To see how Artemis works in practice, check out the below video of a crew on a mission or visit its media page for more.

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