WarDevil Canceled After Five Years of Development

After a long, five-year development cycle, the Ignition London-developed WarDevil has officially been canceled. Originally in development during the tail-end of the original Xbox console before being pushed to the next generation of consoles, WarDevil's fate became increasingly grim by each passing year.

After going silent for nearly two years, it was reported that the game--which had been multiplatform but then switched to PS3-exclusive and then went back to being multiplatform--was still in development. Things only got worse over time.

Reports in September indicated that Ignition London--formerly Digi-Guys--had closed its doors, leaving the future of WarDevil in the air. In a statement made to Develop today, Ignition revealed that its London studio was still "up and running" but will now serve as the "global headquarters for [Ignition's] recently announced investment into digital distribution and publishing."

WarDevil still appears as a featured "Coming Soon" title on the Ignition website; however, the game's official site no longer exists.

Develop reports, according to its sources, that around 30 staffers have been laid off at Ignition London as a result of WarDevil's cancellation.

In another stretch of mystery, Develop claims that the publishing group's CEO, Vijay Chadha, has been absent for three months with many, if not all, Ignition staff unaware of his whereabouts. Although we do hope he's okay, it would really suck if he was tapped to write WarDevil's strategy guide and he's been working on it this whole time. The game doesn't even have an ending!