Homefront Novel Announced; Coming in 'Early 2011'

Although it was briefly mentioned during a press conference in Montreal last week, THQ has now officially announced a tie-in novel based on the upcoming shooter Homefront.

Co-written by the game's creative consultant John Milius--best known for Red Dawn--and former James Bond novel scribe Raymond Benson, the book will launch in early 2011 from Del Ray, a branch of Random House's Ballantine Books.


The novel will expand on the game's story, which follows a unified North and South Korea invading the United States. The novel also continues THQ's push to expand its properties to new forms of media--or as THQ's Danny Bilson puts it, the company's "vast transmedia strategy."

THQ has also partnered with SyFy to produce a movie based on the Red Faction universe, which will launch in 2011 along with Red Faction Armageddon.