Homefront Novel Announced; Coming in 'Early 2011'

By Xav de Matos, Oct 25, 2010 9:55am PDT Although it was briefly mentioned during a press conference in Montreal last week, THQ has now officially announced a tie-in novel based on the upcoming shooter Homefront.

Co-written by the game's creative consultant John Milius--best known for Red Dawn--and former James Bond novel scribe Raymond Benson, the book will launch in early 2011 from Del Ray, a branch of Random House's Ballantine Books.

The novel will expand on the game's story, which follows a unified North and South Korea invading the United States. The novel also continues THQ's push to expand its properties to new forms of media--or as THQ's Danny Bilson puts it, the company's "vast transmedia strategy."

THQ has also partnered with SyFy to produce a movie based on the Red Faction universe, which will launch in 2011 along with Red Faction Armageddon.

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  • I think your being a bit too harsh about it. No plot like this one is stupid simply because of the Multi Verse Theory, that's widely accepted in Science Fiction writing, and even in real science.

    It allows the improbable scenarios, like you said, to suddenly become probable. But that is IF the writing is intelligent, if the story is told well, it can work. If not it wont, just like anything else, alternate reality or no. The Multi Verse Theory is a great facet to allow new creative works, whether the writing itself is good is a whole other story, so cut it some slack for the time being until we know for sure.