Archon Classic Hits PC

React! Games has announced the arrival of a revived classic that's sure to give some older gamers a special tingly feeling in their nostalgia bones: Archon Classic, to be exact.


The original Archon, released way back in 1983, was basically a strategy game twist on chess played with unique units, and real-time combat. Each time a unit was moved to a tile occupied by an enemy, the battlefield would expand into an arena where the units would battle it out. More powerful units would retain an advantage on the battlefield, but unlike chess, the attacker's victory was not guaranteed.

React! Games' HD remake of Archon features "more boards, a totally revamped AI, which even includes 3 different personalities you can play against - each with 4 levels of difficulty." Archon Classic also supports up to four players via team or free-for-all modes, and both classic and modern icons. (The original Archon was one of the first multiplayer games I remember playing, though the only way to do that was to share a keyboard and bump elbows, back in the day.)

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Archon Classic is already available for purchase on Direct2Drive for $9.99, with a Steam release following "shortly thereafter." The Direct2Drive release will feature extra "boards," and the upcoming Steam release will include Achievements and Leaderboards. To celebrate the PC version's release, the iPhone version is currently $0.99 in the iTunes Music Store. The game can also be purchased from its official site for $9.99, Impulse ($14.99), and GamersGate ($9.95).