Shack PSA: Weekend PC Savings on Batman: Arkham Asylum, GTA: San Andreas and More

With the working week almost over, it's time to open your wallets and spend all your hard-earned dosh on discount digitally-distributed PC games. If you like, you can pretend you're a superhero who works in computers by day but at night slips into a dressing gown to fight the credit crunch by buying video games. I know I do.


If you haven't already picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum at one of the many, many times it's been on sale, it's discounted by 66% to $13.60 on Steam--a fine bat-price for a fine bat-game. There's also Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for only $3.75, which is a must. Our selection of this weekend's bargains crop follows below.

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