New Copies of Fable 3 Come Packed with DLC Code for In-Game Goodies

As it was done with new copies of Alan Wake, Microsoft has decided to pack-in downloadable content in new copies of its upcoming (and anticipated) RPG threequel.

New copies of Fable 3 includes a one-time-use Xbox Live redemption code, giving players access to a set of in-game items for their hero or heroine of Albion.

    The code provided in new copies of Fable 3 gives players:
  • Raise Dead Potion, allowing players to call undead minions to your side
  • Slow Time Potion, allowing players to extend battle time for attacks
  • The Scot Male Hero Outfit or the Scot Female Hero Outfit
  • Highlander Tattoo Set, for either a male or female character
  • Red Setter Dog Skin, transforming your faithful pet to a new breed of pup

Fable 3 launches on October 26 (that's next Tuesday, by the way), on the Xbox 360.

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