Angry Birds Dev Will Continue to Self-Publish, 'Will Not Use' Chillingo Again [Updated]

By Xav de Matos, Oct 21, 2010 8:50am PDT

[Updated: 11:00a.m.] Rovio told me via Twitter that it has "not decided yet" whether the PlayStation Mini version of Angry Birds will be self-published. When it was announced, Chillingo was revealed as the game's publisher.

[Original Story] Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile has told TechCrunch that it does not intend to use Chillingo as its publishing partner again, with the mobile developer's boss commenting that "you don't need publishers."

As reported yesterday, EA acquired Angry Birds co-publisher Chillingo for an unconfirmed $20 million. Immediately following the news, Rovio Mobile attempted to clarify some reports that presumed the developer's properties had been included in the deal, via Twitter.

As Rovio's latest title--the self-published iOS follow-up Angry Birds Halloween--was made available yesterday and the dev had already self-published Android and Nokia ports of the hit original Angry Birds, the decision to step away from its former publishing partner does not appear to be based on the Chillingo's recent acquisition.

So it would appear that EA's primary interest in Chillingo is rooted in the company's ability to unearth potential chart-topping mobile software hits, like it has with titles like Angry Birds and iDracula.

Shacknews has contacted Rovio to confirm whether it will now self-publish the previously announced, Chillingo-published PlayStation Mini version of Angry Birds, set to launch later this year.

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  • One of the big challenges to self publishing is know where to be at. An established publisher knows where to go, who to talk to, and most likely already has existing contracts in place that just need to be amended with the new title. Most digital distribution places are easy to self publish, but you'd still need a publisher to get into stores. Also, it's really not enough to just have your game show up on Steam and hope it sells. You still need help writing marketing copy for the game, screenshots (we've all seen dumb ones), how to put a trailer together of something other than simply gameplay footage, etc.