Morning Discussion

I keep thinking about that PC I've been meaning to build. I was all set on a certain rig and then changed my mind. AMD Phenom II X6 turned into the Intel i7 950. The Crosshair Formula motherboard is now a Rampage III Formula--or maybe the extreme. (Suggestions?)

I'm not great at making my mind up about these things. What I do know for sure is that I need to pull the trigger soon. My current PC is a nightmare and I'm missing out on a lot of recently released or purchased PC titles.

Over the last few days, though, my concentration has been focused elsewhere. Since Monday, I've been in the beautiful city of Montreal for work. This afternoon, that all comes to an end, as I'm meant to fly back to Toronto.

So, now that there's room in my head to dream about that fancy new gaming rig, I know what I'll be thinking about during my 50 (or so) minute flight home.

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