Evening Reading

While dealing with an awful bout of medication-induced insomnia this weekend, I managed to play a bit of Game Dev Story and StarCraft II.

In Game Dev Story, my company "Proxy Rax" has been leading the sales charts for 6 years straight with two number-one debuts a year. I still haven't won the coveted Game of the Year award nor have I built my own console. My development cycle is quite efficient with a sequel releasing at the beginning of the year, contract work while it is on sale, and finally a new IP for the end of the year.

In StarCraft II, I've made my switch from Protoss to Zerg along with a (wanted) demotion from Diamond to Platinum. The skill of most Diamond players has eclipsed beyond me--I still think they need a league above Diamond--but I'm having much more enjoyable matches now that I've bombed my invisible skill rating. Overall, I'm enjoying Zerg a lot more than Protoss, especially after the latest patch. I'll be writing a bit more about my transition in the comments.

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