Upgraded Xbox.com With Web-based Avatar Editor Launches Tomorrow

Microsoft plans to relaunch the official Xbox site tomorrow with a major redesign. Along with the fresh coat of paint you can see in the images Xbox Live's 'Major Nelson' shared in his post, the new site boasts several new functional enhancements including:
  • A browser-based Avatar editor that lets you preview how new items will look before buying them
  • A combined view for messages, friend, and game requests
  • Improved notification of your current subscription standing
  • Family reports to see what and how they are using Live
  • Web-based games to play with your Xbox Live friends on the web or a Windows 7 phone
  • Better search and improved filtering for the marketplace


To make the switch Xbox.com and the Xbox forums will go offline at 5am Eastern tomorrow, October 20. Getting a new site up is an inexact science so no time for it to go live is specified, but expect the new Xbox.com to appear shortly thereafter. Major Nelson also notes that the Xbox Live service will not affected by the upgrade.