PlayStation Move Sells 1.5M Controllers in Europe, Analyst Predicts 300K for US

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Sony Computer Entertaniemnt Europe head Andrew House has revealed that the company has moved "somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new [PlayStation Move] controller across just Europe," in an interview with Bloomberg.

It is unclear, however, if Moore is grouping Move controllers and sub-controllers into the same sales figures. The actual install base is likely a bit smaller than the 1.5 million figure as some gamers undoubtedly picked up multiple Move controllers.

While figures have not been discussed for the US yet, analyst Michael Pachter believes (via Joystiq) that the Move has sold 300,000 units (including Move console bundles) domestically. Though the NPD Group has taken specific numbers out of its public report, the group did reveal that "the three PS3 Move SKU's residing in the accessories category each made the top 10 in unit sales of accessory items for the month of September."

Sony also expects to sell more than its forecasted 15 million PlayStation 3 consoles during 2010. Pachter believes that the Move will help drive demand for the console this holiday season, as well.