Morning Discussion

I finished the BioShock 2 singleplayer DLC Minerva's Den last night and am delighted to say that it's delightful. If you have BioShock 2 on console and enjoy the singleplayer of either game, you really should try it. Perfect length and pacing, a lovely little story and some solid gameplay additions. If you own BioShock 2 on PC, well, I'm sorry.

I also gave the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 demo a whirl. The supposed retro revival of 2D Sonic games has proved pretty divisive, with some lauding it as a return to form and other grumbling that it's no fun at all. I did not like it. The movement and physics feel all wrong and the targetted attack is naff and no, I cannot play that.

From short games to long games, I'm still making steady progress on my new playthrough of Planescape: Torment. Yesterday I was saying I often get bored of long, "epic" video games but Torment is so very dense and its countless distractions are so interesting that I never feel like I'm drifting aimlessly, even though The Nameless One has very little idea of where he's going and what to do next. Ace.

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