Morning Discussion

Yes, I bought BioShock 2 on Xbox 360 purely to play the Minerva's Den DLC, despite already owning the Collector's Edition on PC. Yes, I'm rewarding 2K for flicking two fingers to PC gamers by not releasing it on PC. Yes, I'm part of the problem. What you have to understand, though, is that Minerva's Den is really nice.

I've only played for a few hours but so far I'm hugely impressed. The story's fantastically focused, the ideas are interesting, the new enemies are great additions, Minerva's Den itself is a great location, and I'm ruddy chuffed to have a laser gun. If it continues like this, I'll be quite glad to have paid over £20 ($30+) simply to have played it. I really am part of the problem. I'm sorry, everyone. So sorry. Really sorry. Sorry. But not really.

I have to agree with the opinion of Shacknews reader 'Chris Faylor'--clearly a pseudonym--that more bite-sized chunks of Rapture would be a wonderful thing. It's such a rich setting that we've barely explored and Minerva's Den is showing that small servings are just as delicious as a hearty full meal--perhaps even more so.

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