Crysis 2 Beta Invites Going Out, Still Xbox 360 Only

BOOM widget 129317 It appears that invites are being sent out for the Crysis 2 multiplayer beta, which was promised back in August. The beta has not started yet, but the email says it will be kicking off "very soon" (via Kotaku).

The first salvo of invites appear to be limited to those who signed up for the Crysis 2 community site. In August, Crytek and EA detailed the beta, which was to include two modes: "Crash Site"--a capture and hold gametype--and "Team Instant Action"--a standard team deathmatch offering.

The email details the beta as a "tech test" and reaffirms that it is Xbox 360 only "this time around". Let us know if you've received an invite in the comments.