ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Delayed Until Next Week in North America

BOOM widget 99509 ArcaniA: Gothic 4's publisher DreamCatcher Interactive has announced that the fantasy RPG sequel's North American release on PC and Xbox 360 will not be tomorrow, as was planned, but has been pushed back into next week.

The worldwide launch is still on course for this week but North America will, for reasons unknown, have to wait until October 19. Still, you can always replay the demo.

Gothic 4 is developer Spellbound Entertainment's first entry in the opinion-dividing RPG series after taking over from creator Piranha Bytes, which has since made Risen.

A PlayStation 3 edition of ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is also in the works, though it was delayed a while back until the first half of 2011 to ensure it's up to scratch with the other platforms.