X-Men: Destiny Set to 'Invade' Consoles in Fall 2011 [Updated]

[Update: 1:30p.m.] Canadian developer Silicon Knights--of Too Human fame/infamy--has been revealed as the team behind X-Men: Destiny.

[Original Story] Marvel and Activision have announced a new game in the genetically advanced X-Men universe will "invade" consoles next fall.

X-Men: Destiny puts players in the role of a new recruit presumably alongside Professor Xavier's merry band of super-powered protectors. The game is said to include a "branching storyline" giving players a "deep element of choice" as they take "ultimate control of their destiny," which we weren't aware was even possible.

Could this be "Mass Effect meets Mutants"? We certainly hope so.

For added comic-nerd legitimacy, Activision revealed that Destiny's story will be penned by X-Men: Legacy scribe, Mike Carey. Activision has not confirmed the game's development team at this time, although we've asked for clarification. [Ed. Note: See update]

X-Men: Destiny is set to debut at this weekend's New York Comic-Con; however, a barren wasteland of an official website has appeared online if you want to stare blankly at the game's logo until then.

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