Upcoming DLC Packs Give Dead Rising 2's Chuck New Wardrobe Options

By Garnett Lee, Oct 06, 2010 12:50pm PDT Dead Rising 2 senior producer Josh Bridge laid out some of the DLC planned for Dead Rising 2 in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Four packs--originally offered as pre-order bonuses across multiple retailers--staggered over the coming four weeks, give the game's lead character, Chuck, new outfits with associated special powers. Though announced on the PlayStation Blog, Shacknews confirmed with Capcom that the same packs will be available simultaneously on Xbox Live.

First up is the "Psychopath" pack, due on October 12. It offers a horror movie look with a soiled apron and sinister mask. Donning these makes Chuck stronger and deadlier with classic "tools of the trade" like the chainsaw, cleavers, axes, and machetes.

Next up is the "Soldier of Fortune" pack, which casts Chuck as an action hero sporting fatigues, black tank top, and face paint. While wearing these, his ability with all firearms is enhanced. "Soldier of Fortune" will arrive on October 19.

On October 26 the "Sports Fan" DLC arrives. Paying homage to sports fans around the world, it lets Chuck drink all he wants and never get sick. He also becomes more lethal with sports weapons and gets has a better chance when gambling.

Finally, there's the "Ninja" pack which drops on November 2. The full black stealth outfit makes Chuck all but undetectable to the zombies and extra deadly with swords and thrown weapons.

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  • i was really disappointed in this game... i never played the first one, but it was one of those games that made me wish i had a next-gen console, so i was thrilled to see DR2 was coming to the pc as well. i dont know what i was expecting... well actually i guess i do know, i was hoping for a mostly free-roaming zombie-smashing romp... and i guess thats mostly what i got, but somehow this game managed to make killing zombies with electrified rakes and drillspears and the like be not fun. i dont know how thats possible, if you had asked me id have told you it WASNT possible... and yet, im not having fun.

    in fact, the zombies are so unfun, i realized i was going out of my way to avoid them entirely... doing things like running around with a wheelchair or hand cart just so i could bowl my way through them and not have to deal with them... in other words, the main premise of the game was so unfun i was actively doing everything i could to keep away from it. when i realized that once you take that away from the game, all youre left with is a boring time management game... i thought maybe it was the irritating timer that was killing the fun for me, so i got a trainer that would freeze it so i could run around and do what i wanted. but nope, that wasnt it, i still wasnt having fun.

    i havent uninstalled it because i keep telling myself im going to finish it once so i dont feel like i completely wasted my money... but every time i fire the game up, i stare at the menu for about 10 seconds, think "ugh... maybe later" and quit.

    am i just missing the fun in this game somewhere? i want to like it, it really seems like something i WOULD like under normal circumstances, and it seems to be most people DO like it, so im kinda baffled as to why i dont...

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