No Enslaved Sequel Planned but Ninja Theory Studio Head 'Would Like to See Something Happen'

Considering its unfortunate history with planning too far ahead, it's no surprise developer Ninja Theory decided against immediately penning a continuation to the story found in its latest title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, but that doesn't mean a sequel isn't possible.

"The thinking from the beginning was not to assume there would be a sequel--just to put everything into this game. It's a new IP, so let's not plan for a sequel because the chances are we'll only disappoint ourselves," Ninja Theory studio head Tameem Antoniades told Eurogamer. "So we mentally prepared for that--we've not planned for a sequel. But if it gains some traction, I'd like to see something happen."

Although initial reviews for the game are positive, Enslaved--which launched today--faces off against stiff competition at retail, including known quantities Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, NBA Jam and NBA 2K11.

Ninja Theory has already revealed it is the new team behind the Devil May Cry franchise reboot; however, Antoniades says his studio has the "capacity" to develop more than one game at a time.