Sports Champions 'Haunted' DLC Coming Tomorrow

PlayStation Move's bundle pack-in title--and our favorite retail release for the peripheral--Sports Champions is scheduled to receive a frightening collection of downloadable content tomorrow.

The "Haunted Pack" downloadable content adds three new, demonic characters to the game, as well as new equipment for each of the sports featured in the motion sensing game. According to the PlayStation Blog, the "Haunted Pack" will be priced at $4.99.


New equipment includes: Phantom disc set for disc golf, skull bocce set, phantom paddles for table tennis, skeleton sword and shield for the gladiator arena, skull bow for archery, and a skull ball for beach volleyball.

The cosmetic content arrives just in time for the scariest time of the year: Canadian Thanksgiving. You really haven't experienced fear until you've held the last frozen turkey in a grocery store filled with last minute shoppers.