Morning Discussion

After three days of the complete sensory assault that was the Eurogamer Expo, I'm feeling a little dizzy. I spent three days in a bubble of video games surrounded by video game people and now my own life feels a little alien. Is that what I normally do? I feel like I've forgotten something very important. It'll come to me.

Out of that, I'll be telling you about a preview of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and a talk Peter Molyneux gave plus delivering hands-on previews with Brink and Dragon Age 2 (on Xbox 360). Then there's whatever gibberish I scrawled in my notebook over the course of the event about some sort of new entertainment format named the "video game." There were many of them and I saw them and wrote things on paper. Oh, and yes, absolutely none of the 3D tech that filled the show floor worked with my hyper-intelligent eyes. Fantastic.

I did something else. I can't remember what. It'll come to me. I definitely did, though.

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