Weekend Discussion

By Xav de Matos, Oct 02, 2010 8:00am PDT By the time you're reading this, I'll be ushering people into the church as a groomsman at my friend Manny's wedding. Or if you're reading this later in the afternoon, I'm be standing at a podium delivering a "part funny, part sappy" speech. But, what will I--and the rest of the Shacknews staff--be playing this weekend?

  • Alice O'Connor: [Still Missing in Action]
  • Brian Leahy: This weekend I'm a bit busy so I won't be doing much gaming, but I am traveling so I'll be putting more time into Valkyria Chronicles 2 and some iPhone games. Maybe I'll attempt some StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty on my laptop while on the road, too.
  • Garnett Lee: Back in the home gaming saddle with F1 2010, FIFA 11, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, possibly some Enslaved, and an awesome Sunday lineup of NFL!
  • Jeff Mattas: Diving headlong into NBA 2K11, but I'll probably check out some Hydrophobia and get my hands dirty with some Civilization V as well.
  • Xav de Matos: That wedding thing I mentioned and then some more Dead Rising 2 and Professor Layton for reviews next week.

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  • The sequel to DNF should be a DN + Blood + Shadow Warrior epic where you can co-op as Duke, Caleb and Lo Wang.

    First, an introduction to what the characters are up to at the moment, and then some cataclysmic event which prompts some defense bureau to call a crisis meeting. There, they reach the conclusion that only this trio of manliness could possibly stop the onslaught of aliens, cultists and triad members. The 3 characters are summoned and after being introduced to each other, the players get to decide who plays whom.

    Think of the oneliners and in-game dialogue as they all kick asses together.