Spend $30 on the Xbox Live Marketplace in October, Get $10 Back as a 'Thank You' Gift from Microsoft

By Xav de Matos, Oct 01, 2010 8:10am PDT We're not sure if you noticed but Xbox Live Arcade games have seen quite a bump in price since the Xbox 360 first launched in 2005. Oh, you have noticed and you're angry about it? Well, Microsoft has announced a new promotion to help assuage that rage.

Spend 2400MS Points ($30) between 12:01a.m. ET on October 1 and 11:59p.m. ET on October 31, and Microsoft will reward you with 800MS Points ($10) by the end of November.

The "Thank You" gift promotion qualifies for all Xbox Live Marketplace video game-based content. That includes game DLC, Xbox Live Arcade titles and Avatar Marketplace swag. Renting Troll 2 six times in one month? That doesn't count, but is still a great idea.

(Ed. Note: Offer available Worldwide in all Xbox Live countries, excluding Japan, Italy, and France.)

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