Mythic Details "Re-Enlistment" Bonuses for Warhammer, Camelot, and Ultima Online

By Brian Leahy, Sep 30, 2010 11:00am PDT In an effort to drive some re-subscriptions to its trio of MMORPG games, BioWare Mythic is running a 14-day "Return of the Legends Re-Enlistment Celebration" for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Dark Age of Camelot, and Ultima Online.

Players will enjoy free game time from now through October 12 will get the following bonuses in-game:

In Warhammer Online:

  • Libram of Insight (+15% XP, Reknown, and Influence)
  • Signet of the Cursed Company (transform yourself into a skeleton)
  • Kemmler's Arthritic Hand (action point regeneration)

Dark Age of Camelot players will be able to "play with and against Dark Age of Camelot developers in-game as they rampage across the Realms" on "every server".

In Ultima Online, however, the event will culminate with the release of the game's newest booster pack, Ultima Online: High Seas. It will be sold for $14.99 and contain:

  • Brand new NPC Ship Combat with enhanced ship-to-ship combat and damage states
  • Bank/Character Storage Increase, Sea Markets, new fish, fishing buffs, and recipes, paintable boats, Level 7 Treasure Chests and new boss encounters: the Scalis and Corgul the Soulbinder
  • All new ship combat! Features include new ship to ship combat, ship weapons and ammunition, and NPC Ship Combat (Pirates and Merchants)
  • Three new ship types with customizable colors, weapons and ammunition

It will be interesting to see if these games ever go free-to-play. It's certainly worked out for Turbine and now Sony is trying it with EverQuest II.

I used to play a lot of Dark Age of Camelot back in the day, but I can't see myself ever subscribing to it again. Maybe if it was free...

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  • Dark Age of Camelot is still one of the best PVP experiences out there, and I'm shocked that newer MMO's don't use some of mythic's ideas for their PVP. Having three factions is one of the best things mythic ever did as the game balances itself in the short term and gives the developer time to make tweaks. Not only that, but it was so fun to have spontaneous three way battles.

    Unfortunately, part of what makes DAOC so exciting is also what makes it difficult for the casual (and new) player. The PVP is extremely fast and unforgiving. To do well you really need to pay attention, recognize and know what all the classes can do, and have a well organized group of people with you. Otherwise you will become frustrated very quickly.

  • Yeah, Brian, DaoC was a lot of fun. I actually did resub when the catacombs thing came out. Sadly:

    1) graphics update was really not impressive (the LOTR one was much more comprehensive),

    2) the catacombs were extremely lame,

    3) the game just didn't have any new and interesting content that I could find.

    After checking out LOTR lately, it amazes me how much doing a GOOD graphical revamp and putting a solid amount of TLC into an old game can help it.

    I sure wish they'd have done that to Anarchy Online and Ultima Online... even City of Heroes... too many of these games are mostly left to die on the vine after release. A few shallow expansions are released, and they let them die. All three of the above games are games I'd love to be playing now if they actually maintained them along the lines of WoW or LOTR. Simply keeping the promise to keep updating them with new content and graphical updates doesn't seem like too much to ask, but apparently, it is.