Mythic Details "Re-Enlistment" Bonuses for Warhammer, Camelot, and Ultima Online

In an effort to drive some re-subscriptions to its trio of MMORPG games, BioWare Mythic is running a 14-day "Return of the Legends Re-Enlistment Celebration" for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Dark Age of Camelot, and Ultima Online.

Players will enjoy free game time from now through October 12 will get the following bonuses in-game:

In Warhammer Online:

  • Libram of Insight (+15% XP, Reknown, and Influence)
  • Signet of the Cursed Company (transform yourself into a skeleton)
  • Kemmler's Arthritic Hand (action point regeneration)

Dark Age of Camelot players will be able to "play with and against Dark Age of Camelot developers in-game as they rampage across the Realms" on "every server".

In Ultima Online, however, the event will culminate with the release of the game's newest booster pack, Ultima Online: High Seas. It will be sold for $14.99 and contain:

  • Brand new NPC Ship Combat with enhanced ship-to-ship combat and damage states
  • Bank/Character Storage Increase, Sea Markets, new fish, fishing buffs, and recipes, paintable boats, Level 7 Treasure Chests and new boss encounters: the Scalis and Corgul the Soulbinder
  • All new ship combat! Features include new ship to ship combat, ship weapons and ammunition, and NPC Ship Combat (Pirates and Merchants)
  • Three new ship types with customizable colors, weapons and ammunition

It will be interesting to see if these games ever go free-to-play. It's certainly worked out for Turbine and now Sony is trying it with EverQuest II.

I used to play a lot of Dark Age of Camelot back in the day, but I can't see myself ever subscribing to it again. Maybe if it was free...

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