TopWare Interactive Disputes SouthPeak's Reason for Two Worlds 2 Delay, Claims Game is Finished

BOOM widget 87276 Yesterday, publisher SouthPeak revealed it would delay the upcoming Two Worlds sequel until January 2011 to perform some "heavyweight quality assurance" on the title before it hit stores. This morning however, TopWare Interactive--a subsidiary of the game's European distributor Zuxxez--says the reasoning for the delay is "factually incorrect."

Speaking with GameSpot, TopWare's managing director, James Seaman, said the primary reason for the Two Worlds 2 delay was to avoid an "exceptionally crowded" holiday release calendar of RPGs. According to Seaman, Reality Pump--the game's developer--finished all "production, bug testing and localization" work earlier this month. TopWare, which oversaw Reality Pump, plans to release the game in a few select territories on October 21. A January 2011 release in North America is still planned.

We can already tell this whole situation is going to make for one hell of an awkward Christmas party.