Nintendo Explains 'Game-Breaking' Metroid: Other M Glitch, Offers Impractical Support

By Xav de Matos, Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT Nintendo has outlined the cause and effect of a game-breaking bug affecting a segment of Metroid: Other M players and how they can avoid or remedy the situation.

The bug takes place in the game's third sector (aka the lava section) after squaring off a room of spiked enemies with purple legs. If, in this section, users decide to backtrack towards the area where the Ice Beam is obtained, a door that is supposed to unlock remains closed and will not allow players to continue through Samus' latest adventure. To avoid the issue, Nintendo recommends going through the door immediately after defeating the enemies and do any desired backtracking at a later time.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan have also set up an interesting approach to fixing the issue for players who have already been hit with the bug. Players are invited save their affected data on an SD card and send it to Nintendo for service. Sadly, snail mail is the only option available to users as the Nintendo Wii does not have the necessary online software framework in place to patch the glitch.

A video detailing the issue can be found after the break. Stamps can be found at your local post office.

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  • "Nintendo Wii does not have the necessary online software framework in place to patch the glitch. "

    The more i see this , the more i think this is a must for nintendo to bring this finally , it's about time.

    But , you know what , ... OTHER M is really the first main game to be done such ... disappointing and then a big glitch , that's why metroid prime were masterful , you never get the kind of crappy feel something's not working right. it always WORKED in primes' , not to spoil the icon , but Hail to the Retro, man!

    So as far as im concerend they didn't add that to wii , because their games , be it childware or any game , it's not a crap game , it works for what it offers and does , so ... nintendo is actually very smart despite a little bit of negativity some people see on the wii , i do realize it's maybe too childish ... but .. wait for the next wii or next console , now that nintendo did a huge name and huge visibility on the market and WORLDWIDE , when it's gonna do it's hardcore thing again , ... be aware!

    I really don't give a crap about HD , Metroid looks better than most xbox games , again , nintendo is smart , HD penetration is still very low.