F1 2010 Dethrones Halo: Reach in UK Charts, Players Complain of Bugs

F1 2010 has performed the impressive feat of bumping Halo: Reach from the top of the UK weekly sales charts after only one week at the top for Bungie's shooter.

Market research firm ChartTrack reports that, after claiming the top spot for the week of its September 14 launch, Reach suffered an 80% drop in sales, allowing the racing sim to beat it to the chequered flag last week. However, it hasn't been a smooth ride.


Players on the official F1 2010 forum have compiled an unofficial list of bugs, from technical problems like corrupted saved games and the game freezing to balance and realism issues like AI drivers being unaffected by car damage or never taking pit stops.

Some players even allege that the AI is faked, with drivers' position on the track not relating to their lap times. Shacknews has contacted Codemasters for comment.

F1 2010 was released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 22 in North America, hitting the UK a little later on September 24. Thanks to all who sent in tips.