Morning Discussion

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the coining of the term "cyborg," the Internet is producing fifty posts about cyborgs. It all kicked off with the explanatory What's a Cyborg? before meandering off in different directions. There are comic strips, and posts on Kanye West as a media cyborg, military cyborg R&D and much more.

Do check out Kevin Kelly's post Domesticated Cyborgs, which explains we're already cyborgs. I really like this attitude as it brings a sense of wonder to the world around me. Yes, cyborg police officers and time-travelling assassins will be cool but things are already pretty amazing. Along similar lines is an older, unrelated post on Grinding.be, working with the idea that all human history is transhuman history. Fantastic.

Of particular interest to video game fans will be The Prosthetic Imagination by journo Jim Rossignol, who writes that video games have made us cyborgs.

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