Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta Invites Going to Select PS3 Users

By Xav de Matos, Sep 24, 2010 9:00am PDT Select PlayStation 3 users are getting a special treat, in the form of a beta invite to Dead Space 2.

According to Joystiq, the group of "hand selected" users will have access to a closed beta for the multiplayer component of the upcoming Visceral Games-developed horror shooter. Dead Space 2 multiplayer producer Scott Probst explains the "small beta" will help the team "polish the game" before its January 25, 2011, release date.

Those selected will also gain access to an exclusive forum for users to discuss the beta and provide feedback to the development team. Sadly, there is no indication how Visceral selected the group of testers but Joystiq presumes the invites were targeted at members of EA's online community, with nothing pointing to PlayStation Plus membership as a requirement for selection.

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  • i got one but i do not even have a PS3 so if you want it here it is:

    You've been hand selected for the Multiplayer Closed Beta: PLAY NOW
    Exclusive Closed Beta Access to Dead Space 2 Multiplayer
    Game with the DS2 Dev Team on Playstation Network 9/26/10 from 8:00PM PST - 10:00PM PST
    Your access code for PSN: Directions for access below L684-32BK-8BQN

    Dear Dead Space 2 Fan, Playstation 3
    My name is Scott Probst, and I am the Multiplayer Producer on Dead Space 2. Thank you for being such a dedicated fan! We thought you would appreciate a unique opportunity to help us test the all new multiplayer experience in Dead Space 2. We have just launched a small beta which will help us polish the game, and we have selected you to help us achieve that goal! We are still several months away from the game's release, and there is still plenty of work to be done prior to shipping the game. With gamers like you - who know what Dead Space is about - we're hoping to gather feedback and ensure that we're giving the Dead Space Community a phenomenal multiplayer experience come January 25th!

    As a hand selected participant, we would like you to participate and provide specific feedback around gameplay challenges, likes and dislikes, and general thoughts for improvement. This is a CLOSED BETA, so we would appreciate it if you posted your thoughts and feedback to a private forum we have created just for this elite group here. An invitation to the forum will be coming your way shortly.

    Lastly, on September 26, from 8:00 PM PST to 10:00 PM PST, some of the Dead Space 2 development team members* will be online playing and answering your questions, we hope to see you online.

    Scott Probst
    Scott Probst
    Multiplayer Producer - Dead Space 2

    *Be sure to friend us using our PlayStation IDs: Mike Rodriquez = DS2 Fetus Nibbler, Heather Alekson = feather923, Matt Tomporowski = mtomp22, Scott Probst = DS2 Beyond Dead, Jimmy Ho = Jimily, Jud Halpin = Plissken666, Dom De Martini = NECRODOMUS, Louis Gascoigne = codecow.

    Directions to play in the Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta:

    Step 1: Sign in to your PlayStation Network Account
    Step 2: Select [Account Management] from the PlayStation Network
    Step 3: Select the [Redeem Codes] icon
    Step 4: Enter the following 12-character code, then select [Continue]
    Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions. The Beta will be downloaded to your system and will be accessible from the XMB

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