Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta Invites Going to Select PS3 Users

Select PlayStation 3 users are getting a special treat, in the form of a beta invite to Dead Space 2.

According to Joystiq, the group of "hand selected" users will have access to a closed beta for the multiplayer component of the upcoming Visceral Games-developed horror shooter. Dead Space 2 multiplayer producer Scott Probst explains the "small beta" will help the team "polish the game" before its January 25, 2011, release date.


Those selected will also gain access to an exclusive forum for users to discuss the beta and provide feedback to the development team. Sadly, there is no indication how Visceral selected the group of testers but Joystiq presumes the invites were targeted at members of EA's online community, with nothing pointing to PlayStation Plus membership as a requirement for selection.