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By Brian Leahy, Sep 22, 2010 5:00pm PDT Got in some major Halo: Reach multiplayer time last night, while also getting Civilization V to run properly due to some lingering configuration issues from having an earlier build on my machine for the review.

Evidence of my Halo has been documented into the digital history books through non-judicious use of Bungie Pro's video rendering tool. You can check out footage of some Arena Doubles, Arena Teams, and our group getting the "Skunked!" achievement in a game of Invasion.

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  • Sound issues in Civ 5.

    This just started popping up. Sound sometimes goes all metallic reverb style on me, sometimes without ever stopping and sometimes going back to normal after a couple of minutes. Not sure how to describe the effect, but it makes speech impossible to hear and everything sounds like crap. :(

    And sometimes sound just cuts off completely, even quitting the game to main menu and the game is completely silent (no music, no effect, nothing). This seem to happen after my first turn after starting the game at times, only a restart of the game fixes it. =/

    I'm playing with a crummy old Audigy 2 card, and I have updated to the latest driver to try and solve it, but it didn't help (I was running 2 year old drivers, so I really though that would fix it, but nothing). Haven't encountered this in any other games or anything. =/

    Any ideas? :(