Xbox Live Subscribers Invited to Vote for an Upcoming Marketplace Deal of the Week

One complaint that seems to creep up on a fairly regular basis is the selection of weekly discounted products on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Now, Microsoft is putting that decision in the hands of its subscribers.

Major Nelson revealed a new Xbox 360 dashboard poll available to subscribers, giving players the ability to vote for a round of week-long sales sometime in October.

    Potential discounts include:
  • 33% of DeathSpank
  • 50% off Perfect Dark
  • Discounted Dragon Age: Origins DLC
  • Discounted Trials HD DLC
  • Discounted Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC

Voting is available now in the Spotlight section of the Xbox 360 dashboard in the United States and U.K. Canadian Xbox users are also supposed to have access to the poll; however, it has yet to appear at the time of publsihing.