Hydro Thunder Hurricane 'Tempest Pack' DLC Announced for October

BOOM widget 140612 The watery Xbox Live Arcade racer Hydro Thunder Hurricane will score new courses, boats, skins and events this October in the paid downloadable content 'Thunder Pack,' developer Vector Unit has announced.

"The new environments are all about ratcheting up the level of insanity," creative director Matt Small said in the announcement. "The weather is stormier, the waves are bigger, and the levels are packed with more interactive obstacles and more potential for chaos and destruction. That's what puts the tempest in Tempest Pack."

As well as tracks set in the ruins of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle and Castle Von Boom--which packs interactive cannons. To race around these, you'll have two new Expert-level boats, Expert versions of six current boats and new skins for all boats. On top of that, there's new Championship, Ring Master and Gauntlet events for all tracks.

The Thunder Pack's price and exact release date have yet to be announced.