Guild Wars 2 'Extended Features' Offer in-Game Chat From Browsers, iPhone

Guild Wars 2 will offer a whole host of out-of-game "Extended Experience" features, detailed in a new blog entry, including the ability to message friends and see their location on a real-time world map from a browser, iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

One such tool, demonstrated at PAX, allowed players to message their chums and track their progress on area maps, as well as see "all points of interest, all teleport locations, any visible lore locations, and the locations of all vendors and trainers."


The mobile map is due to receive a 'Hero Viewer' in the future, showing a player's "stats, equipment, achievements, etc" as well as details of where their equipment is from.

The subscription-free MMORPG is due out on PC "when it's done." The mobile features will "initially" be offered for browsers plus the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones.