New PSP Monster Hunter Gets Metal Gear Content

The PSP collaboration between Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid, which began with MGS: Peace Walker's inclusion of Monster Hunter-inspired content, will yield another content cross-over. (via Joystiq).


The latest PSP installment of the popular Monster Hunter franchise, Portable 3rd, will conversely include content inspired by Metal Gear Solid. The content is said to include armor that will make a player's character look like Snake (Big Boss) or Metal Gear Solid 3's The Boss.

Monster Hunter's Felyne companions will also be able to dress like Snake and hide in cardbox boxes. Capcom's Japanese site, when translated, appears to detail this content as post-release downloadable content, released through a special quest.

When asked about the game and this content coming to the US, Capcom told Shacknews that it has "made no announcements about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd coming to North America."