Bit.Trip Beat Coming to PC This Fall

BOOM widget 140218 The first chapter of Gaijin Games' chiptune BIT.TRIP rhythm game series, BIT.TRIP BEAT, will make the jump from WiiWare onto PC this fall, the indie developer has told Eurogamer, hoping to one day bring the series to other platforms too.

"Look for Bit.Trip Beat on the PC soon," Gaijin Games CEO Alex Neuse told the site. "If that performs well, we might do more cross-platform stuff in the future."

"We'd love to take the series to the other platforms but it's never as simple as just bringing an existing game over. First parties want exclusive content, and everyone has unique requirements," Neuse explained. "What it comes down to is that we hope to someday be on the other consoles, but currently there are no concrete plans."

The six-part series' penultimate chapter, Bit.Trip Fate, is a shmup due out on WiiWare this fall. Here's the Bit.Trip Beat trailer again, to refresh your memory of it all began.

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