Phantasy Star Online 2 Revealed in TGS Livestream

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 16, 2010 4:00pm PDT In a recent livestream from this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sega revealed that Phantasy Star Online 2 is in the works for PC. (via vg247)

You can view the reveal in the video captured from the TGS livestream below, which begins by chronicling the past decade's worth of Phantasy Star Online games, and ends with the Phantasy Star Online 2 tease.

The footage reveals that the game will be coming to PC in 2011, but doesn't mention any other intended platform destinations or further details.

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  • I have nothing but great expectations for this game.

    And why? Well:

    * "Action" and "RPG" re-connected
    * Increased variety of client orders
    * Map functions changing in real time
    * User-created story
    * New interface for environmental interactions
    * Global support
    * Thorough racial balances
    * Full-user participation events
    * Seasonal changes
    * New chat system
    * New mail functions
    * Drastic item synthesis overhaul
    * Even wider variety of ways to raise your character
    * New direction of event scenes
    * Approach from NPCs (New approach maybe?)
    * Silhouette changes by add-ons (Not too sure what they mean here.)
    * New photon arts (This was partially obscured in the video, so may not be 100% accurate.)
    * Community support content (Again, slightly obscured in the video.)
    * Additional customizations when you create your character
    * Category-based weapon training system (Slightly obscured.)
    * Implementation of asynchronous communication
    * New party system
    * Consideration of enemy cooperation
    * Limitless content
    * New approach to the game client
    * Implementation of a new "life work" (Partially obscured.)
    * Daily surprises
    * "Trump card" system
    * Mutual interaction functionality for new and veteran users