Bob Marley's 'Legend' Coming as Rock Band DLC

According to MTV Multiplayer, the folks at Harmonix will add Bob Marley's greatest hits compilation "Legend" to the Rock Band Music Store. It will be released on September 21 in the US and on September 22 in Europe.

The album will be available as a single purchase on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $19.99 / 1600 MS Points or as individual tracks on the PS3, 360, and Wii for $1.99 / 160 MS Points / 200 Wii Points.

The song "Get Up, Stand Up" is not included in this DLC as it will appear in Rock Band 3's on-disc setlist.

  1. "Is This Love" +
  2. "No Woman No Cry" +
  3. "Could You Be Loved"
  4. "Three Little Birds" +
  5. "Buffalo Soldier"
  6. "Stir It Up"
  7. "One Love/People Get Ready"
  8. "I Shot the Sheriff"
  9. "Waiting in Vain" +
  10. "Redemption Song"
  11. "Satisfy My Soul" +
  12. "Exodus"
  13. "Jamming"
Songs featuring a "+" will also be available for download in LEGO Rock Band. All tracks available for Rock Band (PS3, 360), Rock Band 2 (PS3, 360, Wii), and eventually Rock Band 3 (PS3, 360, Wii).