"Story-Based" Mafia 2 DLC 'Joe's Adventures' Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 16, 2010 10:30am PDT Vito Scaletti's chum Joe Barbaro will take centre stage to star in 'Joe's Adventures,' the third piece of downloadable content for Mafia 2, publisher 2K Games announced today.

Set during the years Vito was in jail, Joe's Adventures will see Mr. Barbaro uncover "the truth behind Vito's prison sentence and what's really going on in the Clemente family."

While on his adventures, Joe will get to enjoy new clothes, collectibles, music and locations, "including a train station, the cathouse, a boat yard, a seasonally-changing lakefront and some never-before-seen buildings in Empire Bay." 2K also promises "a slew" of arcade-y, points-based, optional missions with online leaderboards.

Joe's Adventures is heading to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "later this year." 2K has yet to reveal how much it'll cost, though $10 seems likely as it was the price for each of the first two DLC packs--The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta.

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  • Wait there are you all fucking dumb and stupid, apart from the one's that liked it. This games was amazing stuff it gave you everything grate driving, really good moving story even made you do time in prison the atmosphere was excellent from start to finish through out this game with snow, and rain the summer in the 50 the night scene. Yeah there could of been alot more touches to this game but for what it was wow more of the same plesae the music of the 40 to the 50 was spot on this was made with love, Not like that bland call of duty stuff these days. This to me was probably one of the best graphic's ever in a game of this kind ever. The handling of the cars, the humour jokes for the adult kind no kids here people... This was Mafia done at it's best capish!