Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Announced for Xbox 360 Using Kinect

By Brian Leahy, Sep 15, 2010 7:55pm PDT Capcom's Keiji Inafune announced the return of Steel Battalion at Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show 2010 press briefing. The title, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, takes place in 2082 in a world without computers.

Additional details are light, but the game will be developed by From Software (Armored Core, Demon's Souls) and published by Capcom. It will be a Kinect game, making it exclusive to the Xbox 360.

The visual style of the game is reminiscent of World War II, despite taking place in this alternate future. It will be interesting to see how From Software and Capcom take Steel Battalion, which shipped with one of the most complex controllers ever released to the consumer market, to a platform utilizing no controller.

No release date was discussed. A teaser trailer for the game can be found after the break.

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  • This is the biggest slap in the face to any faithful SB player that paid $150-200+ for their game and controller. How the HELL can Capcom not be supporting the old controller and its ridiculously awesome complexity. Just a few days ago I was on Reddit preaching how Capcom should make a new modern game for the SB controller. I welled up with excitement seeing "new Steel Battalion" in the headline, only a few days after I was thinking about it, and then lost it all seeing it was a Kinect game.




    And Microsoft.

  • Dear Capcom,

    First off, you guys are doing some great stuff! What you're doing with Dead Rising and the Street Fighter series is just awesome. You're really reinvigorating your game lineups and previous efforts of Steel Battalion on Xbox was an amazing and incredible experience that has yet to be matched. You endeared me when you announced your Dead Rising Case: West episode. I thought, "Now this is a company that knows how to release DLC!" It was also clearly evident you made the right moves by the record breaking release of Dead Rising Case Zero.

    Now that you're announcing things here at TGS, let me review!!
    I see that you are releasing a new Steel Battalion game! What joyous overtones of double rainbow like proportions!Hold on here a second, I think there might be some sort of lost in translation going on. No controller for the new Steel Battalion? In a future without computers that's VERY reminiscent of World War II?

    What. The. Fuck. Capcom.

    Why would you even attach the same name to a game that won't be anything like it's predecessor other than it has some walking steampunk tanks?

    Your confused and saddened fan,