Zombies Attack the Kamurocho District in Sega's Upcoming 'Yakuza: Of the End'

BOOM widget 139870 Fans familiar with battling gang members in the streets of Kamurocho in Sega's Yakuza series will soon have a new adversary to contend with: zombies.

According to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (via Siliconera), the upcoming PS3-exclusive Yakuza: Of The End will pit players against hordes of undead. As the rest of the region flees, returning characters Kazuma, Goro, Ryuji, and Shun stay behind to defend their homes in the upcoming shooter. For those looking to add personality to their arsenal, Yakuza: Of the End will feature customizable weaponry, the article reveals. A release date was not specified.

One of the remaining questions--other than, "Zombies, really?"--is whether Yakuza: Of the End is a numbered sequel in the franchise (if so, this would be Yakuza 5) or another series spin-off, like Yakuza: Kenzan. Series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi isn't talking yet, but confirmed that this is not the final game in the Yakuza series.