AMD and Valve Partner for Driver Updates via Steam

Having just complained about this very issue two nights ago, I'm happy to see that AMD and Valve have partnered to deliver ATI Catalyst driver updates for Radeon graphics cards directly through Steam.

In five short years, Valve has evolved the Steam platform to become the preeminent destination for easy and fast access to the latest games and online multiplayer play, offering new features to gamers and to developers, taking PC gaming to new heights - and new audiences. This evolution of PC gaming means exciting times for PC gamers, and today's announcement is another step in that evolution.

The program will kick off with the ATI Catalyst 10.9 drivers, which are scheduled to be released sometime today. When the drivers go live, would you kindly boot up Steam and see what the update process looks like? I do not have access to a machine with an ATI card currently.

"It is unfortunate that any AMD customers running DX9 hardware will never get a driver update, since AMD has discontinued driver support for those folks," an NVIDIA representative tells Shacknews. "NVIDIA continues to deliver GeForce driver updates to all of our gaming customers, regardless of their DirectX platform."