Combat Mission: Afghanistan Demo Brings Us Back to Another Brutal Time

By Xav de Matos, Sep 14, 2010 1:00pm PDT Snowball's turn-based strategy title Combat Mission: Afghanistan is something of a history lesson for those who hate books.

Set during the Russian-Afghan wars in the 1980s, Combat Mission: Afghanistan continues the long-standing military strategy franchise ordinarily crafted by independent developer/publisher

A demo for Snowball's first foray into the Combat Mission world is now available on FileShack. The demo for Combat Mission: Afghanistan offers two scenarios, multiplayer options and a scenario editor.

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  • I'm not trying to criticise or to suggest it should be changed... but I find it interesting to refer to the conflict as the 'Russian-Afghan wars' since it implies the Russians were trying to beat the Afghans... their goal was to prop up an Afghan communist faction that had previously come to power in a coup. And it wasn't really Russians vs. Afghans, since the Soviet force was composed of many other nationalities (Armenians, Georgians, Ukrainians etc) and the force opposing them was an insurgency which initially formed to fight not the Russians but the Afghan government, and was not limited to 'Afghans' but also other muslims of the region.
    Saying they were 'Russian Afghan wars' isn't wrong, but I find it interesting because I wonder whether in in 20-30 years the world will view the current conflict there as 'the American-Afghan wars' rather than the present terminology used in the US and UK which is 'war in Afghanistan' (which does not imply a war along national lines).