House M.D. Demo Checks into FileShack

Is your dream to be a snarky genius with a sweet pimp-like cane and a Ph.D? Really? That seems weird. Well, here's some good news to bring you one step closer to that very specific dream.

A demo for the game based on the hit television series House M.D. has just been released, giving you ample opportunity to spend time to learn from the best snarky genius around. The House M.D. demo can be downloaded at FileShack.


In the House M.D. game, players join title character Dr. Gregory House and his posse of dramatic medical professionals to solve a slew of brain-scratching medical mysteries and, undoubtedly, offend nine out of ten people encountered during examination.

The demo for the minigame-based puzzler is limited to an hour of play, so make sure to have those snappy one-liners at the ready. House M.D. is available now on PC and is set to hit the Nintendo DS this week.