Heavy Rain Getting PlayStation Move Support Next Week

The promised Heavy Rain patch adding PlayStation Move support will be released on September 22, Sony has announced, followed soon after by a Move-enabled demo.

The free patch will let you waggle and shake your way through Quantic Dream's adventure game for growed-ups using the motion-sensing PlayStation 3 peripheral. September 28, meanwhile, will bring a downloadable demo featuring the 'Sleazy Place' and 'Crime Scene' areas and boasting PS Move support.


Europe will also receive a special retail 'Move Edition' release from October 6, with bonus content including dynamic themes, the soundtrack and "Making Of" videos.

You had better enjoy the Move support, because creator David Cage has explained that planned further Heavy Rain 'Chronicles' downloadable content might never be released as Quantic Dream's limited resources were focused on adding motion controls.

The PlayStation Move controller will launch on September 19 in North America.