Halo: Reach Chat Thread and Discussion

With Halo: Reach out worldwide today, you probably have a thing or two to say about Bungie's swan song for the franchise. With that in mind, we gladly present you with one of our patented Shacknews launch-day chat & discussion threads. To hide spoilers, enclose your tantalising titbit within spoiler Shacktags, o[like this]o.

Have you picked up a copy yet? What will you be doing first when you do? Did you buy the standard edition or cough up for the $80 Limited Edition or even the $150 Legendary Edition? Or perhaps you're not buying Reach at all?

Do check out our Halo: Reach review, while you're here. Brian has also written a two-part multiplayer beginner's guide to help you get started shooting people in the face. If the singleplayer campaign is what you'll be heading straight for, though, you'll want to check out Xav's story primer to learn about the Halo universe's backstory.