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By Alice O'Connor, Sep 14, 2010 5:00am PDT With Halo: Reach out worldwide today, you probably have a thing or two to say about Bungie's swan song for the franchise. With that in mind, we gladly present you with one of our patented Shacknews launch-day chat & discussion threads. To hide spoilers, enclose your tantalising titbit within spoiler Shacktags, o[like this]o.

Have you picked up a copy yet? What will you be doing first when you do? Did you buy the standard edition or cough up for the $80 Limited Edition or even the $150 Legendary Edition? Or perhaps you're not buying Reach at all?

Do check out our Halo: Reach review, while you're here. Brian has also written a two-part multiplayer beginner's guide to help you get started shooting people in the face. If the singleplayer campaign is what you'll be heading straight for, though, you'll want to check out Xav's story primer to learn about the Halo universe's backstory.

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  • I finished the campaign on Heroic and absolutely loved it. The AI blew my mind. Elites have definitely returned to their former glory. Hunters are tough again, even Jackals are a challenge.

    I haven't touched MM yet, but I was Forging for about an hour.

    May I just say though that the story "telling" was great, but the story itself was insulting.

    Bungie should be embarrassed that they had to rewrite the entire fiction of the Spartans' story and The Fall of Reach to provide what was still a lacklustre story. I have already wiped the story of Noble Team from my mind, and when people ask me about Cortana, Dr Halsey, Captain Keyes and Reach, I will tell them what happened in Eric Nylund's great words.

  • my friend just got perma-banned from Halo Reach fileshare after trying to upload his first pic. said he violated terms of use. there was nothing wrong with the pic. I took a couple pics and one would not upload saying it was taken when i was offline. which is wasnt.

    Anybody else getting bugs? told him to email bungie bugs on their website. Probably be a while until bungie click that it is a bug and dnt come out with "you must have done something wrong, our ban hammer is always right" rubbish.

    on the plus side, firefight and multiplayer are sweeeet! saving coop to do tomorrow with my buddy. though it seems he wont be uploading any pics of it...